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Where Should I Sell My Old Car in Sydney

September 5, 2016

If you are looking at upgrading your old car, there are a number of options you can choose to sell your old car. You may decide to sell to a private buyer, however, sometimes it’s not worth the time and energy and you can end up better off selling it as scrap. To make the process easier you can look into selling to a car removals company as they will tow it for free and offer a fair deal. Get in touch with Galaxy Car Removal in Sydney to get a quote for your old vehicle. You can get top cash for your old car. Here’s how to decide where to Sell your Old Car in Sydney.

Look for Recommendations

People you know may be able to offer their experience of selling old cars. They might dissuade you from selling privately as it could have cost them time as well as money and the return wasn’t worth it. They could have sold it to a Scrap Car Removals Service in Sydney that removed the hassle from the sale and received instant cash for it. The internet is also filled with reviews of various car removal companies.

Ask for Licensing and Insurance

The onus is upon you to check that the car removal company you choose is licensed, certified and insured. If they are a legitimate company they will be happy to show you proof when you ask. Should they refuse to show you or you have any other hesitations then simply choose another company that instils confidence in them as a trustworthy company. If you explore their website you should be able to find an address and phone number which should be local. There are companies out there that don’t have the correct documentation and these should be avoided at all costs.

Offer Wrecking as well as Removal

When you are looking at Car Removal Services in Sydney they should also be wreckers that have the expertise to salvage and recondition parts from your vehicle. This ensures they can give you top dollar for your car and in a lot of cases the scrap value is more than its resale value. As there is plenty of competition you should be able to get free towing because the technicians want the materials and parts. You should be able to secure a fair price for your old car.


Get Organised

When liaising with the car removal service they should inform you of what you need to do to ensure the transaction goes smoothly. You should be asked for photo identification as well as the title of ownership or the scrap certificate to enable you to sign the vehicle over to them. Make sure you completely empty your car before their arrival. Remove your plates and ensure the car is in an easily accessible spot so the tow truck doesn’t experience any problems.

There are plenty of businesses in Sydney that offer car removal services. You may find your old car is worth more as scrap than selling privately. Ask around for recommendations, check their licensing, certification and insurance, get a great price and be organised. Galaxy Car Removal make getting cash for your old car quick and easy.


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