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Turn Your Junk Car To Gold Instantly

April 18, 2016

Your junk car is sitting in your garage and you aren’t doing anything about it? My dear, you are not only wasting hundreds of dollars by letting that precious pile of metal and auto parts collect rust, but you are also playing a part in harming the environment. Yep, junk vehicles that are left alone for a long time leak hazardous fluids, being part of the very soil that grows vegetable for us, and more instantly by leaking into the water reservoirs. Do yourself and your environment a huge favour, take that phone up and dial 02 6147 7160 to sell that junk for some real cash, real fast.

Have you been giving yourself excuses that selling a junk vehicle is a tedious, time-consuming job? Or did someone say that cash for car companies don’t wreck the cars “responsibly.” They apparently haven’t heard about Galaxy Car Removal Sydney. Paying up to $10,000 in instant cash, we are one of the leading auto wreckers and recyclers in Sydney. Offering a concise and simple solution to get rid of your junk car instantly, we only need a phone call or a web request from you and we will take care of the rest.

Junk Car Removal

Paperwork? Junk Car Removal Services? When you contact the experts at Galaxy Car Removal, all you need to worry about is what you are going to buy with the new mint that you will be getting from Galaxy Car Removal. We take care of everything from rightly appraising your junk vehicle to the paperwork to car removal and then finally recycling it in eco-friendly ways. At Galaxy Car Removal Sydney, we only have one motto – to make it easy for our clients to get rid of the junk vehicles.

● Cash paid for any car or truck, in any condition.
● No wheels? No Problems!
● Rusted Out? We’ll Clear it out!
● Incomplete or damaged? Just the way we like them!
● Cash paid for your unwanted car
● We remove cars Sydney wide
● We remove with or without Rego
● Free towing and paperwork
● Top cash price for old cars

What are you waiting for? Join hundreds of happy Galaxy Car Removal clients in Sydney and turn your junk vehicle in real and instant cash too. One deal and you will start wishing that you had more scrap vehicles resting around your house. We are joking; never let them collect rust and damage the surroundings. Get rid of them instantly! Join the movement to a cleaner environment and be a little wealthier in process too! Pick up your phone and dial 02 6147 7160.

We pay Top Dollar up to $9999
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galaxy car removal

Excellent Service. Affordable cost. Passionate work. You excel in this industry as better than the best.

galaxy car removal
-Neil O’brian
galaxy car removal

I cannot even imagine such a great removal service for my scrap car. Just a call...

galaxy car removal
-Shane Mc Donald