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3 Mistakes That Ruin a Good Car Removal Experience in Sydney

August 4, 2017

Car removal services in Sydney should be as hassle free as possible and this is always the expectation of everyone with desire to sell their cars to the Sydney car removal companies. However, it is regrettable that a process which should be simple and straight forward sometimes end up with a lot of frustration to the car owners.

Though some of the bad things that happens are inevitable, a good number of them can always be avoided if only the seller was more vigilant, chooses a trusted removals company and avoided some of the most common mistakes made by the majority in the industry. If you don’t want a nasty car removal experience in Sydney, here are some of the mistakes you must avoid at all times:

Using the wrong car removal company in Sydney

Many are the companies offering car removal services in Sydney, but this is not a guarantee that all of them will meet your car removal needs. Just like with every other industry, there are crooks in this one too, and it is imperative upon you to take your time and do your research so that you end up working only with the most reputable car removal companies. If you fail at this stage, don’t expect smooth removal services. Everything that can go wrong may as well go wrong with a poor choice of a removal company.

Providing wrong details about the car

It may be tempting to give wrong details about your car at the time of requesting for the offer, because this is mostly done over the phone or by submitting an online auto quote form. This is usually a wrong move since the car removal company will have to see the car before they make the payments. If you gave wrong information to attract a higher quote, the removal company will not just refuse to remove the car, but you may incur fines for the damages and the inconveniences you caused them.

Consenting to later payment

The language of the car removal industry is “Instant Payment” and you should never agree to receive your money at a later date other than the actual date of removal. You may run into certain unscrupulous company which may demand that, but you have to stand your ground and ensure you get your money on the same day the car is removed. If they are not willing to do that, then simply don’t use their services. They might as well be scammers ready to take off with your and frustrate you when it comes to the payment.

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